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Industrial Equipments

Industrial Equipments

Tiny holes or scars on the stainless surface is one of the main causes for rust to progress rapidly. To prevent customers from this problem, we have installed 20x LEICA Laser Spot Welding Machine, so that the microscopic cracks and holes can be clearly found when welding work is operated. Furthermore, since laser wending is carried out under the low heat temperature, it will not cause thermal deformation, offering satisfaction to customers.

Manufacturing Process 生產流程
  • Wax Injection

  • Wax-tree Assembly

  • Slurry Coating

  • Dewaxing

  • Burnout

  • Sand Blasting

  • Surface Treatment

  • Heat Treatment

  • Lathe

  • Milling Machine

  • Laser Spot Welding

  • Multiple Polishing Machine

  • Wash with Ultra Pure Water

  • Dimensional Inspection

  • Surface-roughness

  • Assembly Work in Clean

  • Aseembly Work in Clearnroom

  • Vertical Assembly Machine

  • Water Leakage Testing Machine

  • Large Sized Water Leakage
    Testing Machine

  • Wrapping Machine

  • Inspecting Products

  • Packing

  • Shipping